Cement Mixers
Gas and Electric
Mortar Mixers
36" Power Trowels
Compactors 3000lb
5000lb with Reverse
Concrete Vibrators
14" Walkbehind Saw
Gas Powered Cut-Off Saws
12" & 14"
Bull Float and Handle
Diamond Chainsaw
Diamond Blades
Chipping Hammer
Air Paving Breakers
Rock Drill
Feathers and Wedges

Clay Diggers
Wheel Barrow Mixer

Bosch Rotary Hammer
Cement, Mortar and Asphalt
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Vibratory Roller
The WolfPac 3100 Roller features centerpoint articulation, double drum drive, internal vibration and a short wheelbase to make quick work of finish layers of driveways, parking lots, bicycle paths and a wide variety of other surfaces.
Landry Rental Center
50 Bennett Street Lynn, MA 01905
Phone 1-781-593-4620   Fax 1-781-59-39214
Cement, Mortar and Asphalt equipment rentals,  Landry has 80 and 90 pound Electric Breakers as well as air compressors and Air (Pneumatic) breakers.  Chipping hammers Cement and Mortar mixers.  Feathers and wedges for busting up ledge and Batonamite for Blue ledge.

Vibrators and Vibratory rollers as well as power trowels and bull floats.  Landry also has asphalt Grinders, Asphalt cutters, and Walk-behind saws for cement and asphalt.

An 18" wheel saw attachment and Asphalt grinder attachment to save time and money on any job.

So Call today for a rental quote at 781-593-2903.